Month: September 2010

Blog Ini Hampir Mati

Dari H-1 lebaran (Kamis) sampai hari H+6 lebaran (Kamis) saya tidak menyentuh yang namanya internet, ntah kenapa thr*e gak bisa internet-an lagi, padahal tenggang waktu masih banyak dan kuota juga belum habis. Saya dirumah (Depok) menggunakan internet wireless karena mungkin lebih murah. Akhirnya hari ini saya kembali ke kost (Bandung) yang ada internet gratisnya dan […]

Hair is Women`s Crown

Hair is women`s crown because it makes women more beautiful. But to make and take care your hair is not easy. It takes time, money, and certainly a good quality of these cosmetic tools. Some time ago I found a site that provides a solution to me (actually not for me but for my beloved) […]

Importance of SEO

Search engine optimation is a new trend in advertising site / blog in the internet world. Search engine optimation or SEO is also a free way to make a site / blog visited by consumers. For example, you search the automotive tools to modify your car and then you type it on search engines. Then […]

Resale Right Club

So far, I’ve developed the product and promote my website in order to increase product sales. But apparently it was all just a waste of money, it was all a myth. Until I found a site that made me realize to do things easier but much smarter. The site is Resale Right club that offers […]

Percobaan 1: Microworkers

Sebagai seorang scientist/engineer, ada tiga langkah yang harus dilakukan dalam meneliti sesuatu. Pertama, mencari tahu apa masalah utamanya. Kedua, membuat hipotesis. Ketiga, melakukan percobaan berdasarkan apa yang telah dihipotesiskan tadi. Nah, karena saya juga seorang blogger yang lagi haus dollar. Saya penasaran dengan bisnis-bisnis online yang katanya sangat berpotensi namun saya tidak pernah mendapatkan sepeserpun. […]

Coaching Maximal

Although I was in college but I must be looking for info about jobs, employement, management, etc. Because only qualified people who can be accepted in a company. Some time ago I found a site about coaching in the field of controlling, finance, online-marketing, public relations, etc. It really helped me in developing myself. The […]

Song Maker Sofware

I play music for six years, practice once a week, and appeared in several cafes to entertain people who were eating. As a musician, performing in public is a matter of great pride. But the highest dreams of a musician is the song that he created is listened by all of the world. Problem in […]

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